We are not talking about becoming a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, but developing a level of muscularity and athleticism that our bodies were designed for and can last a full high quality lifetime. The average modern day life is poison to our bodies. We slump with bad posture, bad backs, bad shoulders, bad hips. We try to manage it by spending money on chiropractors and expensive mattresses but still end up thinking the Sock Slider is a great idea when the only real fix is a strong functional body.

Come to Waypoint Strength. Lift some weights. Live better.

We believe that strength should be at the core of any fitness program and a high quality life. Regardless of your personal fitness goals, having foundational strength improves your chances of achieving those goals. A strong body improves balance and mobility, helps prevent injury through strong joints and body mechanics, strengthens the heart and can even help fight chronic disease. Lean muscle burns calories, even when you are just sitting around, so achieving and maintaining your desired body type is made that much easier. Being strong is an amazing confidence builder and strength training produces high levels of brain endorphins which improves energy levels and overall mood.

The Waypoint Strength facility is a collection of personal weight rooms. Your own personal gym, fully equipped. No waiting for anything to free up. No pools of someone else’s sweat. No dragging equipment into a territory you have laid claim to.

The idea for the Waypoint Strength concept was quite literally a eureka moment in my home gym. Over the years I have done just about every type of workout out there, from Crossfit to personal 1-1 training to some of the more popular boutique HIIT programs and wandering around the big box trying out all the different machines that seem to do much of the work. I would buy the equipment to replicate, at home, the parts of those programs I liked the most so I could be in control of my programming, instead of being part of the crowd and doing whatever those gyms had blended together for the day (or missing out on a great workout because I had to travel or had a sick kid that day). But working out by yourself in your garage has some real drawbacks, not the least of which is safety. But there was no gym out there that offers what I had built for myself. The only real option to continue doing what I was doing outside of my house was expensive private personal training. So I decided to build one myself, to combine the best of those programs as I had done at home and for a reasonable cost.

Primarily free weights. If it plugs into the wall we don’t have it. If it carries part of the load, we don’t have it. Barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells are the primary strength tools for the foundational strength training. Exercises are adaptable to your comfort and skill level and personal preference so you have the freedom to adapt your personal workout to the equipment you choose. We will also maintain a rotating stock of supplemental strength and conditioning tools such as plyo boxes, TRX, sandbags, slam balls, etc. We also incorporate indoor rowers, air bikes and battle ropes to get that heart going.

In your Waypoint Strength gym, you will select a workout from a pool of pre-programmed workouts that matches whatever you feel that day, whatever matches your goals, or whatever just looks fun.

We program on a six week cycle. The trend these days is constant daily variety. That’s fine and I understand the reasons for variety, but the fact is you are really only doing a limited number of movements that are just blended together differently each day. This can make it difficult to really measure improvement over time, or to identify and focus on a specific weakness. To that end each six week cycle is anchored by three foundational strength workouts that allow for an easy and motivating realization of your growth and development. These are complimented by a larger variety of supplemental workouts each cycle that will further challenge and develop your strength, conditioning and athleticism.

The intensity of any given workout on any given day is entirely up to you. Some days you may just feel like casually lifting some weight, other days you may really want to challenge your capacity with a high intensity plyometric workout. Some days you may want both, end-capping a strength training session with an all out blast (my personal preference). We will provide all of these options during each cycle. It’s your gym, it’s your workout. Take your pick.

Each workout starts with an appropriate warm up and ends with a proper cool down and stretch.

If that is your goal and you dedicate yourself to it, absolutely. Strength training builds lean muscle mass, but to attain the proportions where you might be considered big and bulky takes a tremendous amount of effort and discipline. And not just in the gym: in the kitchen, in recovery, in bed (sleeping). The typical person who incorporates strength training into their fitness regime, even if it is your only fitness regime, will simply look more athletic. You really have to set out with the intention of gaining a lot of mass to bulk up, potentially including force feeding yourself and heavy supplementation. We can absolutely provide you the training foundation if that is your goal. But if it’s not your goal, then don’t worry, it won’t happen by accident.

Yes, you will workout with the guidance and expertise of a certified personal trainer (not 1-1, each trainer will be guiding a small group of clients simultaneously). You are taken through each workout by technology that we have developed in-house specifically for our concept. The trainer is free to focus totally on how you are doing what you are doing. They do not have the simultaneous and distracting responsibility of telling you what to do next or making sure you are where you are supposed to be.

Absolutely. Starting mid-cycle gives you an opportunity to take it slow and learn the system without feeling like you are being rushed to get up to speed. Take your time and attend some skills classes. You will hit the start of the next cycle at full speed.

Each cycle we offer a specific set of skills classes to help you develop your skill and comfort with the exercises being trained during that cycle. For example, if you have been performing deadlifts suitcase style with kettlebells and want to learn to use the barbell, a focused skills class is the place to make that transition. Trying to learn a technical movement during a workout can be very frustrating and counter productive. No quick trainer demo minutes prior to starting the workout. We want you confident and safe, knowing how to perform a technical movement.

Each time you check into your Waypoint Strength gym you are issued a tablet running our proprietary “Way 2 Strength” app. Simply select your workout and hit go. Drop the tablet on the floor, stick it to the power rack, lay it on the bench or where ever you can glance at it and just follow the prompts. It guides you in what to do, how many times to do it and how long you have to get it done. From start to finish. A very simple but really powerful tool to create a successful workout.

You will need to schedule your workouts. You reserve your gym an hour at a time. Reservations start every 30 minutes. Plan your six week cycle in advance or book online that day as available.